Dark Survival MOD APK

Dark Survival MOD APK

On APKSTUFFS, Dark Survival MOD APK is a journey full of adventure that requires a player's courage. In the dark and lurking land of an after-all world, a battle for survival rages in the dark. This g

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4.3 ( 928 ratings )
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Name Dark Survival MOD APK
Publisher LiberalDust
Genre Arcade
Size 255.24 MB
Version v2.2.1
Update Dec 7, 2023
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Dark Survival MOD APK is the most famous version in the Dark Survival MOD APK series of publisher LiberalDust
Mod Version v2.2.1
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On APKSTUFFS, Dark Survival MOD APK is a journey full of adventure that requires a player’s courage. In the dark and lurking land of an after-all world, a battle for survival rages in the dark. This game is not only simply fighting for existence but also confronting dark souls and bloodthirsty monsters.

Dark Survival MOD APK Download By APKSTUFFS

Dark Survival MOD APK is an exciting and adventurous game that captivates the attention of gamers worldwide. It is an action-packed survival game in which players must navigate a dark, dangerous environment while fending off enemies. 

This game is intense, challenging, and addictive, making it one of the best games in this category. If you are prepared to take your adventure gaming experience to the next level, download the latest Dark Survival MOD APK version immediately.

If you enjoy action-packed games, check out the Dark Survival Mod APK. The protagonist of this thrilling game is a fat knight who appears determined as he hunts monsters on this night.

You need skills and wits to survive as you travel through darkness. The shadow-dwelling monsters are fierce and lethal and will not hesitate to attack at any time.

This is an adventurous game where you must survive in a dark, dangerous world populated by numerous monsters, creatures, and obstacles. It offers the ideal combination of horror themes, survival gameplay, and intense action sequences. 

In the game, the excellent graphics provide realistic visuals that immerse the player. With the progress, you acquire weapons and power-ups to aid you in your struggle for Survival.

Dark Survival MOD APK

It is an adventurous game that immerses players in a dangerous and exciting post-apocalyptic world that focuses on surviving against zombies, monsters, and other resources and crafting weapons to defend themselves from terrifying enemies they encounter. 


In the game world, its 3D interface and highly detailed graphics immerse players and make it easier than many other games in its genre. Players must navigate a hostile and shadow world to explore and complete shadows. 

The Android version of Dark Survival provides hours of fun and entertainment regardless of your gaming experience or familiarity with mobile games. Download the mod version of the original game.

Features of the Latest Version of Dark Survival MOD APK

Likewise, Granny or Grandpa Dark Survival Premium APK is a survival horror game with unique gameplay mechanics. The following are the features of Dark Survival MOD APK:


Explorations Dark Survival MOD APK By APKSTUFFS

In this game, the gloomy and eerie setting, the player must explore their surroundings to advance their aims to survive as long as possible by gathering resources, crafting items, and avoiding hostile creatures. Players must use their intelligence and cunning to navigate the treacherous terrain, avoiding traps and obstacles.


In this exciting game, players must use their intelligence and problem-solving to advance through the levels filled with obstacles and challenges. The puzzles of Dark Survival are meticulously crafted to test players’ critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Some puzzles require locating hidden objects or hints, whereas others involve intricate logic problems and require careful planning and strategy.


The modified version of Dark Survival provides players with a challenging and exciting experience in which players must feat supernatural foes utilizing several weapons and other items. Each foe has unique strengths and weaknesses, making the combat system more adventurous and engaging. 

In combat, players must use strategy and quick thinking to defeat opponents. You can use various weapons, including firearms, knives, and explosives, to deal damage from a distance or up close.

Resource Management

In the Dark Survival MOD APK, players start with limited resources and are required to scavenge items to survive. In this game, ammunition allows the players to fight back against foes while health packs restore the player’s health. 

Effective management is important for the players’ Survival in this game. Players must weigh the dangers of engaging in combat and conserving their resources for more dire circumstances. However, managing resources, including health and ammunition, can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Survival in the Dark

In this game, darkness is a decorative and dangerous living entity. It rises and continues its brutal hunt every night. Light fades in the footsteps of darkness; you must use skillfully rare light resources to stay alive.


You must explore every nook and canny, from deep caves to deserted buildings, searching for food, water, and other building materials for a safe base. 

You alone can’t do everything in the dark. You may interact with other survivors, cooperate, and forge alliances to increase your survival chances. You need to be careful because this wasteland also hides cruel people, dangerous from the dark, and other survivors. Remember, your victory depends on your weapon strength, intelligence, and determination.

Defeat the Monsters

The quest to kill the monster is an important part of the battle for Survival. Monsters are lurking everywhere in this dark world. You need to use every skill and resource to deal with them effectively. You must know about their characteristics, from attack to durability and weakness. 

To build an effective killing strategy, you must have vital information by researching, observing, and documenting. Then, you have to find a craft weapon.

You can utilize various options for weapon selection. However, resources are limited, so you should manage them skillfully and use weapons thoughtfully. Taking advantage of the surroundings and looking for a weak point to attack is the best strategy to kill the monsters.

Level up

You can level up your character and unlock new skills by completing quests, killing monsters, and exploring the world. You can choose various skills, such as increased attack power and increased defense, to access special skills, including healing support, dodging, or even the ability to control darkness. 

Moreover, leveling up allows you to unlock and upgrade equipment to improve your character’s fighting and protection abilities, shoes, weapons, and tools.

It also increases additional attributes such as increased movement speed, breakthrough ability, or stamina. However, leveling up is not easy; it requires managing resources efficiently, deciding on a strategy, and setting clear goals.

In Dark Survival MOD APK, leveling up is a challenging and deliberate journey. However, it still feels satisfying and exhilarating as your character becomes more robust and takes on complex challenges.

Various Skills

Combat Master Skill enhances attack and defense, increases damage, and reduces damage from monsters, helping you become more assertive in battle. You can deal with every situation effectively by using this skill.

Stealth Skill provides essential survival knowledge and skills, including finding water and food in harsh environments to build a safe base and crafting tools.

Medical Expert Skill allows you to treat wounds, increase healing, and reduce recovery time. This skill works as a lifesaver when you get injured in a battle.

Engineering skills facilitate you to build, repair, and improve tools, weapons, and defense mechanisms. It helps you to maximize resources and create effective vehicles for harsh environments.

Survive the Desolation

Dark Survival takes you to the dark world. Dark Survival is not just a game but also full of adventure and emotions. This game has brought you moments of suspense and challenges impossible by providing hunting resources, building a safe base, learning the secrets of this world, and confronting fearsome monsters.

Every step you take in this game determines your destination. Dark Survival MOD APK Menu has proven you’re respectable enough to survive in the dark world.

Tips for Survival Gamers in the Dark Survival Game

Through Dark Survival APK, here are some tips to help you survive and progress.

  • You should find a dependable light source, like a flashlight or lantern. Survival requires illuminating the surrounding area, as darkness is the enemy.
  • Be aware of your surroundings all the time. Notate possible dangers like traps, pits, or hostile creatures.
  • Gather resources as much as possible; food and water will extend your life span.
  • Avoid needless conflicts. Judiciously selecting your battles can help conserve energy, ammunition, and health.
  • Find a safe place and get sleep because it is crucial to surviving another day.

Download Dark Survival MOD APK for Androids

Follow the below-listed steps to download Dark Survival MOD APK:

  • Open the Google Play Store on Android or download the MOD APK File from APKSTUFFS.
  • Input “Dark Survival” into the search bar.
  • Tap on the icon to access the game’s download page.
  • Await the completion or installation process.
  • Once it is done, click the icon to launch and start playing it.


The Dark Survival MOD APK is an exciting game that combines survival and horror elements. Players will be on the edge of their seats as they navigate the labyrinth of dangers and obstacles while indulging in the game’s eerie atmosphere. Players will be provided with advanced features and benefits to enhance their gameplay experience in this game. Players can unlock various features and upgrade their characters. This game allows exploring and dominating this mysterious, beautiful world. This game is the best option for those looking for a great adventure.


What is the gameplay of Dark Survival MOD APK?

Dark Survival is a survival game that involves adventure and horror, including exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat with supernatural enemies.

Is Dark Survival MOD APK free to play?

Yes, you can download Dark Survival MOD APK for free. However, it may include in-app purchases that allow players to unlock additional content or features.

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You are now ready to download Dark Survival MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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